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La Cabrera



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Just as soil affects the quality of wine, a cow’s diet can change the quality of it’s flesh. Pasture raised grass fed beef gives the asado a beautiful texture and intense flavor. The chefs at La Cabrera are at the top of their game, giving the care and attention in bringing out the flavor of the country’s famed grass-fed beef.

Tastefully decorated, the restaurant’s warm lights on exposed brick walls draw you in.  The table setting’s simple, crisp and clean, And while the menu’s main focus is steak, there are plenty of creative side dishes which pair well with the hearty steaks.  Their starters, provoleta de queso de cabra (grilled goat’s cheese) and chinchulines de cordero (small lamb’s intestines) are local favourites.

Tip: Try their much lauded sister restaurant La Cabrera Norte if you’re unable to secure a table here.


La Cabrera - José Antonio Cabrera, Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina Get directions